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Yogendra Ras


Diseases including prameha, It gives strength to nerves, and overcome sperm disorders, night fall, thinning of sperms, premature ejaculation.

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Yogendra Ras (Swarna Moti Yukta):

Yogendra Ras is Ayurvedic medicine which is used to deal with a wide variety of ailments. It is especially useful in Vata-vikar, prameha (urinary disorders), heart diseases (weakness of heart, high BP) and nerves disorders. It is, nutritive, anti-paralytic and cardiac tonic. This medicine improves memory and deals with various diseases of heart and brain. It also helps to overcome weakness after illness. If due to stress, tension, anxiety there is feeling of physical and mental weakness this medicine should be used

Yogendra Ras is Swarna-Kalpa. Swarna-kalpa are those Ayurvedic medicines which contain Swarn Bhasma. Swarna bhasma is good for memory, brain and whole body.
In Yogendra Ras, Swarn Bhasma is one of the ingredient. It is a Swarnakalpa.

Ingredients of Yogendra Ras:
Rasa Sindura (Parada), Svarna bhasma, Kantaloha bhasma (Lauha), Abhra (Abhraka) bhasma, Mauktika (Mukta) , hasma, Vanga bhasma, Kumari ras.


  • It gives strength to heart.
  • It overcomes variety of diseases including prameha.
  • It gives strength to nerves, and overcome sperm disorders, night fall, thinning of sperms, premature ejaculation.
  • It is a tonic that increases vigor and fertility.
  • It improves digestion.
  • It is especially useful in paralysis that is caused due to vata-pitta dosha.

Important Uses of Yogendra Ras:

  • Bahumutra (Polyuria), Prameha (Urinary disorders)
  • Vataroga (Disease due to Vata dosha)
  • Apasmara (Epilepsy), hysteria (excessive or uncontrollable emotion)
  • Vertigo (feeling of dizziness as if everything is moving or spinning)
  • Paraplegia (paralysis of the lower half of the body)
  • Bhagandara (Fistula-inano), Arsha (Haemorrhoids)
  • Vatapitta Roga (Disease due to Vata dosha and Pitta dosha)
  • Mutraghata (Urinary obstruction)
  • Guda Roga (Anorectal disease)
  • Murccha (Syncope)
  • Unmada (Mania/Psychosis)
  • Yakshma (Tuberculosis)
  • Kshin indriya (Impaired senses)
  • Colicky Pain, Amlapitta (Dyspepsia)
  • Coronary artery disease, overcomes weakness of heart, palpitations
  • All kinds of nervous debility, diseases of joints

Dosage of Yogendra Ras:

1 – 2 tablets once or twice a day before or after food or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.
This medicine is traditionally administered along with Triphala kashaya (decoction), milk or water with little sugar.


1 gm, 10 gm


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