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Breast Fit Plus Oil


50 ml
Natural solution for skin tightness & Breast Enragement

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A complete Women Breast Care Oil that adds perfection in women’s beauty. Breast Fit Oil is designed for strengthening, firming up and better toning up of breast muscles, resulting in an increase in your breast size, prevents sagging breasts, corrects under developed breasts, underdeveloped nipples, undeveloped mammary tissues, limps breasts and lack of firmness of breasts. It nourishes the inner most cells, tissues and the entire surface area and giving much firmer, younger and tighter breast and importantly beautifies your shape. This product usually takes about 6-8 weeks to see an improvement; which is normally half to 1 cup increase in bust size. The first function of Breast Fit + Oil is to decrease the various return, thus making blood more readily available to breast tissue.


Each 50 ml. contains: Kadwa Koot (Saussurea lappa) Nagbala (Sida veronicaefolia) Bach (Accrus calamus) Kharaiti (Sida Cordifolia) 0.75 gm. 0.75 gm. 0.75 gm. Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) 0.75 gm. 0.75 gm. Kateri (Solanum surattense) Bargad Jata (Ficus begalensis) Anar Chilka Peinica granatum) 0.75 gm. 0.75 gm. 0.75 gm. Moosli (Asparagus adscendens) Goolar (Ficus glomerata) 0.75 gm. Shatawar (Asparagus racemosus) 0.75 gm. 0.75 gm. Nishoth (Operculina turpethum) Jaitun Tail (Olea europoea) Til Tail (Sesamum indicum) 0.75 gm. 12.5 ml. 37.5 ml.

Direction for use: Apply Breast Fit+ oil with gentle message in circular motion for 1-5 minutes twice a day or as directed by the Physician.
Caution: Wash the breast before breast feeding to a suckling baby.


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Breast Fit Plus OilBreast Fit Plus Oil